16 January 2009

A new year

When last year was new as a freshly minted coin, I was driving down to Chennai. My life looked like I was seeing it through rose tinted glasses. It felt like finally everything was coming together and the last pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. The world was my oyster again, and I was triumphant. I was going to a new life, to fulfill a long cherished dream, it felt as if I was going to my destiny. Well… I proved fast enough that I was a lousy judge of my destiny.

In a lot of ways I was right, in others I was so way off the mark even F1 drives seemed to be getting someplace compared to me. Life, essentially, was not rose tinted or rose water scented. In fact some things stank real high. Chief among them were two very important things:

  1. my relationship
  2. my job

The two things I'd moved to Chennai for.

But I have an irritating habit of looking for fun even when there is none. So despite minor issues like my moving town to find a dead relationship and an even worse job atmosphere, the other areas of my life rocked – I had the best time ever with my cousins starting with Suba (who I stayed with), my aunts & uncles, and friends. The weather was also awfully nice to me, I had my car, my work place was minutes away from Suba's place, enroute was a fabulous beauty parlour, and the cutest botique-cum-tea shop, and I even found a charming little house to rent. So life was not all without happiness.

The lief motif being अइसा नहीं के हमको कोई भी ख़ुशी नहीं, लेकिन यह ज़िन्दगी तो कोई ज़िन्दगी नहीं।

I was plodding along, being happy enough when WHAM! out of the blue a miracle happened! (Lucky for me my fate felt worse for me that I did.) I got a chance I was looking for a long long time – a job in Singapore! I'd have dug my heels in (like the bull I am) and tried to make the best of my situation but I suddenly had something that was so much better and more than I expected. I packed my बोरिया बिस्तर, bid a heartfelt tearful farewell to everyone who had made my stay in Chennai so wonderful (I still consider it one of the best times ever) and headed to Singapore.

Once in Singapore life was one big party. As you know from my previous posts I've been having a really nice time here. First my stay with Such and Cee, and all the fun I had with them. My Orchard Road office and all the shopping and eating with my colleagues. Then the new friends I made here, and some old friends I met up with, and all the fun I had getting to know Singapore.

Now as I begin another new year amid an economic crisis I am reminded of a quote I read, "The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year." So I can say that I have been successful, 'cause although the year brings a lot of tough problems, at least they are not the same ones I had last year. So here's wishing you all safe time treading through this new year and may it be a happy one.

P.S. - Yes, am back to blogging.


Dew Drop said...

Hey Shobha,

Nice to see your posts again on blogger.. Was wondering whatever happened and why there are no updates from you :)

Very frank post... I wish you a dream-come-true year ahead and a year that brings lot of pleasant surprises and joyous moments to treasure and share.

Keep writing,

Anonymous said...

Hey Shobha...good to read a new post by you again.

Btw, "But I have an irritating habit of looking for fun even when there is none" - that's one of the best qualities in you that I like :)

Casey said...

Gr8 to have you bk :D

Darshana said...

Heyee Gugsi,

Very poor performance on the blog side! Hmmm . . . Or were you blinded by the overwhelming halo surrounding some of your visitors recently and recovering from it?!!