26 June 2008

The Cook is Back

Somehow I find it's always 10 days between my posts, just as well. Nothing much to report other than:

1.I've become a ACAD Level 2 user (same to you too)
2.I've started cooking again

The first is not worth the paper the certificate is printed on so I shall say nothing more about it. But the second thing has some meat, more like vegetable, in it. So as it happened, I was frittering away my time eating here and there, this and that (as stated in previous posts) till one day I just HAD to eat home food.

Cooking is like swimming I guess, once you know it, you don't forget. With that in mind, I raided the Taka basement, avoided aisle after aisle overflowing with un-readable Japanese wares, and found some good old potatoes, onions, and chilles, which according to me, is the basis of north Indian cooking.

Cut to kitchen and it was

1.Potato Pulao with Tomato chutney on evening one.

This having turned out fairly decently (rice got a bit mashed up), the next day I made a big batch (who's going to cook daily mien?) of

2.Aalu Mattar

This batch was the base recipe without too much मिर्ची as my pulao burnt a hole in Cee's palette. Aalu mattar was eaten with readymade roti's (sold frozen in supermarkets) which was alright considering I didn't have to लगाऊ आता, गूंदो, बेलो and सको the rotis.

Buoyed by this aalu mattar success, I got a bag of frozen

3. chopped veggies and began tossing it daily with पाँच पोरोन which is this fragrant mix of सबूत spices like fennel, मेथी, cumin, mustard seeds, कलौंजी, ஒம்மம் or अज्वैन and எல்லே and very Bengali.

I have also gone on to make
4.peas curry,
6.lemon rice,
7.moong dal,
8.stir fried vegetables with पञ्च पोरोन,
9. Indian style vegetable and egg fried rice.

In fact I've cooked every day since then. So all of you who are planning to visit me now and in future, rejoice and raise a toast that the Cook Is Back! (err not Steven Segal)


Dew Drop said...

Fantastic.. that's a nice account..

You can consider opening a north indian food house some day ( you only have to monitor cooking. dont worrry ), for an alternate profession :)I'll team up :) :) :)

Bikerdude said...

Aha. Ive heard of Hinglish and Tanglish, but this is the first all-in-one blog Ive seen. lets call it TahinE -what say?

Lovely I say. Cant wait to see you tomorrow! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay gugi is baaaaaaaack.

gugiinsingapore said...

dew drop - would love to start a venture here! lemme know when and where and we'll get this this rolling :)

bikerdude - Hind-E-Tam? hows that? put off one urdu look and feel to it :)

Gmanj said...

Pleasant memories... btw, the beer was for Mr. Glamourous, not me :-)