16 June 2008

The past ten days

A door opens to me. I go in and am faced with a hundred closed doors. ~ Antonio Porchia, Voces, 1943

The past 10 days have been a flurry of house hunting activity. I've seen so many houses am ready to live in a boat for the rest of my life. But as things stand there is no boat in sight either... such is luck. Sadly the housing market in Singapore is at its least renter friendly and I am facing the brunt full-on. But as they say, "उम्मीद पे दुनिया कायम है" और हम भी।

To cheer myself up I shopped @ Dorothy Perkins, bless the woman she has a full range of sizes. I totalled 6 tops - grass green, tourqoise blue, dark chocolate brown, petunia purple, black, white - and a black formal skirt.

I also did the blessed act of introducing an Indian colleague to Murugan Idli Kadai - World Famous in Chennai (and Madurai, and Singapore, and wherever else they open am sure). Predictably I also suffered the consequences, I was dragged there (willingly) 3 times last week. I managed to make a pact with her and the 3rd dinner we did at super delicious Raj. What a lovely food I say, मज़ा आ गया! If you promise not to tell anyone, I will tell you what all we ate:

  1. Mili Jhuli Subzi
  2. Chola
  3. Raita
  4. Garlic Naan
  5. Missi Roti
  6. Kashmiri Roti (thankfully this was not the Bangalore version with tutti fruiti etc)
  7. Jeera Chawal

Right through dinner we were in heaven; a few... err... many digestive hours later we slowly and reluctantly floated back to mortal land.

Talking of food

  1. I ate eel for the first time. It was in a sushi (yeah sushi time again) @ Sushi Tei. Eel has a lovely texture (bit like pork fat) but has a strong fishy aftertaste; will be trying it again.
  2. Also managed to get कड़ी चावल @ a Kopitiam near Dhoby Ghaut with another bunch of colleagues; passably good.
  3. Did the Saturday night ritual of BluJaz and Chimichanga.
  4. Surprisingly did a desert of Banana Crêpe with Butterscotch and Ice Cream @ Brussel Sprouts which was rather good after the

Sunday was spent reading The Golden Compass, which I thoroughly enjoyed and swimming which am getting stronger at. Bicycle is still in shed thank you. Gym का रास्ता भूल ही गए हूँ और salad किसे कहते है मुझे कुछ याद नही। Come back Such!


Dew Drop said...

:) have fun :)

Bikerdude said...

Eeeeeeeeelaaaaaa? Ada ravana! kaaalam kettu pochu di ma. Tirumbi varathukku minnaadi samashrayanam paNNindu thaan varuviyonno? :)

Beta I am louing the hindi interludes. Full Gugi it is. Hae. I think you are only classic example of perfect north indian-south indian blend. Aha, oho. Is it not?

Long live Murugan idly kadai.

Gugi aka Gogoush said...

dew drops - thanks dear, u 2!

bikerdude - eeeeeeeel? anybody? eeeel? no?
wrt hindi in blog: hai na? i have also thot wat is gugi without the hindi? so i have put off. full dil se it has also come off.
yes i have to say i also think i am best means best combo of NI and SI blend. best of both and all that. (shameless i am)

Darshana said...

Hey, me too like the Hindi touch! Your palate is reely becoming dynamic! Ugh! Yuck! At least something good (read Murugan) is also going in!

Gugi aka Gogoush said...

darshana - thought u'd like the hindi :) haan my palate is defn getting an education. murugan to hai hi, lekin Raj was something else only. when u guys all visit, everyone will get to eat @ murugan and raj. now i've found a gujju thali place too.