06 June 2008

Tooth hurty

Q. When is the best time to go to a dentist?
A. Tooth hurty
(PJ contributed by FJ)

Hehe, a horrid tooth ache deserves a horrid PJ. Tooth ache has been the lief motif of the past weekend and this entire week. Never thought gaining wisdom would be a physically painful thing.

So weekend was spent nursing tooth and window shopping (how can anything ever stop me from that?) and the week spent alternately trying to howl in pain and trying to ignore the pain and lead normal life (read eat normal food).

Nothing much was consumed, okay huge quantities were not consumed, during this time.

There was the usual:
- Chicken rice
Then Suchi's glorious creations:
- Chicken satay salad
- Butter nut squash soup
- Prawn salad
- Orange chicken salad
- Carrot and ginger soup
And some timepass other stuff like
- Chilli crab puff
- Chicken bun
- Thai green curry and rice
all eaten OVER A WEEK and in SMALL quantities.

Finally after the main bulk of the tooth induced suffering was over, on Thursday 6 June, my medical insurance came through. Immediately I fixed an appointment with the dentist, and @ the same instant the pain started receding. How predictable. How childish. How bleeding irritating !~@#$%">!~@#$%^&*.

Unbelievably, the appointment was at tooth hurty (how bizarre can this get?) So I cross Orchard Road over to chi-chi Paragon Towers opposite Takashimaya where the dentist is on the 19th floor.

Floor to ceiling glass windows with a panoramic view, fancy schamsy art on walls, discreet sound of waterfall, comfy-funky couches, coffee tables and chairs with accompanying coffee and coffee table books greet my senses as I enter. If there was any pain left in my tooth this was the moment it completely vanished. The sight of such an opulently, luxuriously, pretty and calming dentist office was a medicine in itself. Sigh.....

Then doctor looked at tooth, hmmed and hawwed, and took a monstrous looking x-ray of full set of teeth on very cool x-ray machine. I had to wear a heavily lined outfit, more like an amour, so that the x-ray is not absorbed by my body or some such. And said okay let’s get the wisdom out. Jolly good and all that but will my insurance cover it? Of course it will except for the anesthetic cost, (oh!) and that will be about S$900. CrAsH! (Gugi fainted on floor of doctor's chamber).

Cut to: Hello Mustafa travels? Yes, I'd like to book a ticket for India please.
(So look for me in India around the end of June)


farrokh said...

i just loooooooooooove it when you write about food

Darshana said...

Hey tooth hurty, all the best giving up your wisdom here!

Bikerdude said...

Chalo isi bahane I can see you beta. Missing you immensely. Nee wa ma raja. Pallu-gillu pudungi eduthu jollya thair-saan sapudalaan, wa, wa. Mwah mwah.