05 May 2008

1st day in new job

My first day in new company and so far so good! I have my user name password, accesses up and running, my laptop, docking station, extra monitor, keyboard, mouse all ready for use. Just the phone is taking some time to come up. Will keep you posted on the number. I guess everyone has my mobile number, if not, its +65 guess.

Since y'day was the 1 May holiday 1/2 the office has taken a long weekend so the office is pretty empty; guess I'll see the full strength on Monday. I have a cute one-person cubicle and a very sweet Chinese/Singaporean girl in the cubi across the (small) aisle. The rest of my team sits 1 row away from me (evil smile).

One real sweet colleague (the first to join this place as a technical writer 2 years back) helped me set up - who am I kidding? Ok, One real sweet colleague (the first to join this place as a technical writer 2 years back) set up all my extra applications like FrameMaker, sharepoints, fonts, accesses etc for me :D I think it is a very auspicious start! (hehehe)

Since this is my first day and all that, I have taken a taxi to office. From Monday, its going to be my morning walk! err... at least I hope so!

Ah! the important thing, LUNCH. Since its Friday today, its a team lunch and a sashimi bar is selected! While I've survived a sushi dinner, I think a sashimi buffet, as is planned, is too rare for me. For those who want to google sashimi, allow me:

Sashimi (Japanese: 刺身) is a Japanese delicacy primarily consisting of very fresh raw seafood, sliced into thin pieces about 2.5cm (1.0in.) wide by 4.0cm (1.5in.) long by 0.5 cm (0.25in.) thick, but dimensions vary depending on the type of item and chef, and served with only a dipping sauce (soy sauce with wasabi paste and thinly-sliced ginger root or ponzu), and a simple garnish such as shiso and shredded daikon radish.OKAY, now am off for lunch, wish me luck! If I find a KFC en route, I might just lose my courage and defect.Love


Dewdrop said...

Fantastic Start Shobhaji :)

When and the where did this happen? :)

Am happy for you :)

Have fun..
Nice write up... It sounds like you are talking to me at a tea break :)

Keep writing :)
All the best with your job :)
Enjoy and keep this blog live amidst all your work pressures :)

Gugi aka Gogoush said...

Thank u deepa ji.

hope all is well with u?