05 May 2008

2nd day and the wknd in the middle!

So its day two @ work and I took a taxi - again! BUT, the good thing was with all my walking around (esp. on saturday) I could follow the taxi route to office and I think i've found a shortcut!! will try it out while going back home today and I think this will be a 10 min walk.... or so it seems when i was in the taxi which btw took less than 4 mins.

the wknd was mixed. on saturday i woke up late (heh wats new eh?) and since there was no commercial street to usher in the wknd mood, i did the next best thing here - went to little india! how desi you say? :-p i say!

i took along, like a tourist, a "walking guide" brochure of little india courtesy changi airport and did the "little india" walk. of course i walked for 10 and sat down for a large (and not so tasty) andhra lunch.

that over and feeling a little more with it, i walked and walked and walked all over little india. and while i was in the walking mode i decided to figure out the way back to river valley (suchi's place) and yes, on foot.

so i walked up and up (saala little india is downhill!) asking directions a few times, following the crowd a few times and in 20 reached a familiar location, dhobi ghaut station. from there you walk straight on to orchard road and from orchard u cut across to river valley. i think i must have walked an hour plus (it was a kinda cloudy day) and when i let myself into the house, i was sure i was never going to get up again! as is usually the case, i was right. i did not budge till sunday 3PM!

ordered in pizza for dinner and ate it watching Anthony Bourdain on Youtube! (Youtube ki jai, Youtube Zindabad!) and watched this cutest movie, Last Holiday - Queen Latifa and LL Cool J - just the thing I needed. Watched more endless TV and crashed.

Sunday dawned nice and bright! So i pulled up the covers and went back to sleep. Surfaced around 10.45, wandered around the house twice aimlessly "आत्मा कि तरह भटकना" as we call it in the वेर्नाकुलर; and lay down on the sofa exaushted with the effort and was soon asleep again. woke up to a msg from N to provide technical details such as what time i was going to get to his house! regrouped for an hour before i could decode that one, and finally called him. that settled, i ate a disgusting breakfast of leftover pizza, (disgusting in how bad it was for health, otherwise it was just fine) and pepsi (shudder!) and watched mindless TV (hey hey 1 minute, all this TV is because I've not found a library as yet, okay?).

Finally at the hour that i was supposed to be @ N's place i got up to get ready. (naveen and i go back to a long way togther.... all the way back to our childhood... where our constant endevour was to outdo each other - in tormeting the other). got ready and pretty and took a taxi (expensive la!) to his place. obviously old habits die hard cause when i get to his place to help him prepare for his BBQ party, he was fast asleep! so before he cud get up i ran off to the mall close to his place to get a manicure (heheh evil laugh!). i think bittu is the closest thing i have to a sibling...

the manicure was the best thing EVER! the bestest manicure. its a small shop in a mall. 3 massage chairs (yes, its not a typo, it is massage chairs) lined up, nice soft music, a glass of warm chinese tea, and a lovely manicure which a complimentary massage by a massage chair thrown in. very proffessionally done massage. my nails look tremendous! base coat, nail polish, top coat, million dollar fingers - i could be a hand model!

BBQ was fun, most people were frends of naveen and wife (naturally!) so all were couples or couples with kids, nice ppl but i don't think i had anything to contribute to the conversation after a point i.e.15 mints into the party. sooo, i was back to suchi's by 8, and read mills and boons - YES! (naveen's wife and i bonded big time on the discovery of this this mutual love - M&B.)


Bikerdude said...

Welcome to the blogsphere Gugi!!!!
Looking forward to lots of fun writing from you!

Muy love!

sheetal said...

Hey Shobs.....looks like u had a nice trek at little India and must have burnt few calories :-)

nishitak said...


Fun blog... yar, Enjoyed reading it.

Ithini bhi math chalo, bohuth pathli ho jayegi :D

ashwin said...

honeyz lovely journal here. reminds me of my own which is also active by now. lemme go and make another entry there. but u're entries are encouraging me to come to singapore. lemme think about it.

'G' said...

bikerdude - Thanks for the welcome! And hoping for a lot of fun, the more fun I have, the more fun posts I make!

sheetal - as long as i burnt more many calories that what i consumed there :)

nishitak - Thanks a bunch! Hope to see a new post from you soon :)

ashwin - sweety thanks, think about it yeah? :)

Bikerdude said...

Agli post mein font thoda ooncha kar do beta. Budhape mein padh nahin pa raha hoon main.

Gugi aka Gogoush said...

bikerdude: done ma