06 May 2008

Terrible "Tuesday" and other nightmares

All my coolness and urban-ness disregarding, I have this strange distrust of Tuesdays. Do you feel this irrational distrust about something that may really not have particularly done you any harm? Well not more than anything else has anyways.

Well the scientific reason behind my fear of Tuesdays is that all things I consider a nuisance, like conference calls - early morning or late night, leaving home with the house key safely locked inside the house or locking my car key safely in the car, tearing my pants (once), forgetting the office laptop at home and remembering just as I am stepping into the office, chipped nail polish and so on always seem to happen to me with a vengeance on "Tuesdays"! (I wonder if it because I notice such things on Tuesdays or perhaps I psyche myself into being a klutz! OMG what a eerie thought!)

Well today is a Tuesday but thankfully nothing of the above has happened, in fact nothing really bothersome happened at all today but still I feel the day could have exerted itself a bit more for me and made itself a little more happy (its not like I ask much of it on normal days except to have my own way in everything, hello?). BUT it did not. Minor irritations like a 8 am meeting IN OFFICE, 6 restarts on a determinedly hanging computer, climbing up and down the stairs 10 times (thankfully not more than 2 floors) for errands that just didn't seem to get done, useless meetings, and other misc. things, things have been pretty much okay this side of the globe for me.

In its defense I must add that today I found a shorter route to office :D
Which also means that I have NO excuse to take the taxi anymore :(
Unless it rains (big EVIL smile!) Hehehe!

Talking of rains, Singaporeans, like everyone else living in tropical climates, have been complaining how this summer is the hottest ever and how it has not been this hot ever before, how its never not rained, and how the overcompensation of rain in Mynnamar, ruining life there as a result, is really our rain thats lost its way and made a complete menace of itself there! That is, half of the rain legitimately belongs here, over us, where we would have welcomed it! Which would have left both Mynnamar and us in happy spirits, while this inequality has left both of us unequally miserable. (Disclaimer: Please understand that the situation in Mynnamar is horribly tragic and in no manner I am making a jest of it).

In other newses, cousin and her husband are back and I can sell horses and sleep. Dunno why but I can never sleep peacefully in someone else's house if I am the only one in it. I hear noises, creaks, groans, knocks on doors of empty rooms, footfalls, glass crashing noises and all manner of such spine-and-marrow chilling nightmare-on-elm-street-like things and yes, rarely, very rarely, I have even seen shadows. (I don't know why I am doing this to myself as I am home alone right now!) In fact even if the house owners step out to buy groceries I can hear crockery smashing noises every once now and then and am never quite 'it' till they are safely back within their walls, whereupon I am immune to all such hogwash and nonsense. So, the horses have been gleefully sold last evening and as long as someone is @ home with me, the horses stay in someone else paddock.

In other positive newses, a gym routine has begun today, which cousin and I hope to uphold to the best of our honour. Yeah... will let u know... Swimming is soon to be added to the routine to make the routine (or is it us?) feel less like a routine... will let you know about this too... My convictions on such things are as strong as the next person's but usually the next person's convictions are not really strong to begin with.... maybe cousin will be strong, for both of us. At least I hope so!

Office is office, nothing to write home or blog about (apart from everything that has already been said and blogged). So I say, ok, ta-ta, bye bye!


themartianscientist said...

Betaaaa...louuly seeing you in SGP! I am loving that place, please please party on mybehalf. I have made our cousin proud by getting my picture on a nightclub's website:D:D:D...haaaaai- you are working at Takashimaya??What a daaaaaaaaaag i say!!!I am soo jealousing..now I will actively plan trip there...muaaah...I cant wait to finish garbage putting here and moving...love!btw- this is Yogi's sister(fear of putting name on the web you see:))

ashwin said...

swimming haan? thats too cool. nice. and pls some photos of u roaming in singapore pls. and lemme know if there are any openings there. i'll run there.

Bikerdude said...

Glad the horses are in someone else's paddock :) Good one I say. Beauty about fitness regime. And I love how the entire world (sorry Northern Hemisphere)is collectively moaning about the weather right now. Beautiful I say.

Keep em coming beta, full of the addiction to your blog is being available.

ashwin said...

where are ur photos? and where are the latest entries in ur journal? lazy lazy girl. humph