05 May 2008

Reaching Singapore

I have reached off here safe and sound! i have wisely bought off 1 number recharge card in airport and jhungg i have come home and topped it up and voila! phone is up and running. not 1 phone i have found in airport like our ISD, STD, PCO, nonsense. oh BTW apparently i no longer have to fill that immigration card that they are giving in planes when coming to SGP, i can simply flash my EP and walk in thru "special" line!!! (one sweety Chinese fellow in immigration has told me.)

Immigration was KHAAALI when i went, not a daag was there, most fellows from my plane have gotten out and run off to duty free for shopping, so breeeeeze it was. haan so as i was telling, immigration officer has said, next time when u come and immigration is crowded, u can walk into the singaporean line. mere aankhon mein aasun aa gaye. INDIA mein koi mujhe aisa option nahi hai boss!

anyway, so now am sitting in family friend, naveen a.k.a bittu's house; where i have reached for dinner last night, and had chicken curry, gheeya, aalu jeera, roti and rice :D HAE to HAE INDIAN home food as soon as i arrived - have to say it felt good. now am just hanging arnd in their house faffing. plan to go back to cousin's (Suchi) tonight... mayb meet up with ex-coll sanjukta bhattacharya...

brain is all disjointed; feel free to send queries.

i have not done ANY duty free shopping :-p not ANY!

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