14 May 2008

My first "true blue" rains

My room, temporary room as I've been asked to call it, faces east. So most mornings I am woken up by the sun shining into my face. Which, I have to say, is not my favorite way to wake up. To expand on the subject, listed in ascending order of preference, are the ways I do like to wake up:

  1. Open eyes and realize it's a party day (includes picnics, lunches, offsites, holiday travel start day, etc)
  2. Wake up on my own when my eyes open and I feel I've had enough sleep
  3. By mommy knocking on my door
  4. Long-chat-phone-call from a friend
  5. A knock heralding the arrival of a yummy breakfast

But that is neither here nor there. Getting back to the point, I woke up today and my eyes were delighted to face a blue sky with grey undertones and - no sun! Now some people might consider this awful, but I LOVE IT! True blue skies give me a peachy pink mood, making it feel like a party day!

Even before I moved to Singapore, everyone's been telling me about how it rains daily here, and how the skies are almost always cloudy. So imagine my disappointment when we've been having the driest 2 weeks of weather! My luck so totally changed for the better today with my (almost) first true blue Singapore rains.

So although it's a working day, and I cannot really see the skies outside from where I am sitting in office, am still HAPPY thanks to the rains. In half an hour I break for lunch and then I sneak a peek outside and enjoy the rain with a cuppa of Jasmine Teh. I really wish I could post a pic of the view outside, but no digi cam as yet! Anyone wishing to sponsor a digi cam, feel free to contact me.

So, heh, am back from lunch, which was from the "Whats your Prata?" counter at Food Republic in Wisma Mall and consisted of 2 Pratas ($1.2 each), Potato veg ($1.2 small), Dhall (free with Prata), Nasi Biryani with Fried Chicken ($5.5). Replete with that, I took a cuppa and walked over to one of the entrances of Takashimaya and enjoyed the Teh while watching the softly falling rain. Orchard wore a decidedly wilted look in the rain but to me personally I think it made it more endearing.

Things to procure and soon:

  1. Hat Umbrella
  2. Digital Camera
  3. Chinese teapot and cup
  4. Nice walking cum fancy rain-resistant shoes


Bikerdude said...

Heh@whats your prata :) Beta $to INR conversions may kindly stop. Otherwise full head will go dishkyaon. Full ala ray paus ala eh? Wish somehting of that sort happened here i say.

sheetal said...

wow...I wish it rains in Blr....... weather is horrible out here...it's scorching....
visit mustafa mall and buy whatever is on ur list...enjoy maadi...

Gugi aka Gogoush said...

bikerdude - paus aala after a long pause only

sheeta - am looking for sponsers ma. r u saying if i shop at mustafa, u will sponser all these items for me? :D

farrokh said...

hi googoosh....

you are in my third, no fourth favourite city in the world!!!! enjoy. i have caught up with all the old blogs and so know that you love takashimaya. i know this sounds boring and terribly 80s, but do visit the asian civilizations museum. its wonderful. and the gift shop there is greaaaaaaaaaat for handouts when you return to india....

Aparna said...

Hi Shobs,

This has become my favourite blogspot! :-)))

Bikerdude said...

Hello medam- 'ows about a new post then eh?