05 May 2008

Next 2 days

mwah mwah

i have awoken @ 10am again after making grandiose plans last night of leaving with naveen early in morning when he goes to office. mwah. i've consoled self with jasmine tea and bread omelet. (i looooove jasmine tea hae!)

y'day i've had my first foot-reflexology massage, which has been quite the lovliness. i have come off from family friend naveens' place post brekkie to cousin suchi's place this noon and i have planned a loooong excursion for self in this part of town.

here is details: i am going to slap on my sun block lotion and a (non existant) hat on head and walk all the way to takashimaya mall (my office is in same mall) to gauge the distance on foot from suchi's house to office. it is suposed to be a 15 min walk! i know am pushing myself, but what to do... one has to work hard sometime... plan to catch lunch in mall and find a book store and sit and read :-)

In evening ex-coll sanj will b met - if she is not cancelling and if she can keep self from fighting with me.

may day, i will unite with workers around world and take holiday from my hectic work life. this is final, decision is taken. pls do not try to change my mind on this.

(as u can see the heat has hit me and brain is scrambing)

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